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Alcon/Pro System BMW F8x M2/M3/M4 Rear Big Brake Kit

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Caliper Finish: Anodized

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Alcon Big Brake Kit REAR for the BMW F8x Platform (F87 M2, F82 M4, and F80 M3) Developed by Alcon and Pro System Brakes for C5 Corvettes - there is no better braking system. 355x28mm rotors with 4 Piston CAR49 lightweight calipers. RETAINS parking brake. Requires 19"  wheels.

Alcon BMW M2/M3/M4 REAR big Brake kit

Images show both plated and anodized calipers. Select your choice.

Alcon and Pro System Brakes has taken what it has learned during more than two decades in motorsport to develop brake kits and solutions for selected street machines. These upgrades allow high-performance vehicles to take on both track and road challenges. We know the sports car world and we can put together the complete kit for your racer. Brackets, hats, rotors, calipers, brake lines, pads, a braking solution in a box, thanks to our expertise and experience.


  • All rotors are machined at our facility in Mooresville, North Carolina from specially formulated grey cast iron providing the best in thermal stability, friction coefficient and heat transfer characteristics.
  • Dyno-bedded rotors and pads
  • Precision machined and anodized aluminum hats and brackets
  • Fully floating rotor attachment with anti-rattle clips
  • Utilizes stock park brake • All kits are supplied with high performance brake pads.
  • Added value, most of our competitor's kits have a similar cost but brake pads, anti-rattle clips and bedding are not included. However, these are all included.

Alcon calipers:

  • Forged CAR49 aluminum calipers used in top level pro racing 6.0# ea.
  • Aerospace grade aluminum alloy provides high strength and light weight
  • 4 piston
  • High temperature seals
  • Piston diameter optimized for use with stock master cylinder, booster and ABS
  • Fully compatible with aftermarket ABS systems
  • Staggered piston diameters reduce pad taper
  • Bolted pad retainer to increase stiffness
  • Quick change pads without removing calipers
  • Stainless steel pistons


  • Floating 2-piece design allows thermal expansion of the rotor while minimizing deformation and ensuring the rotor is self-centered with the pads
  • 15.4# ea.
  • Superior braking and cooling efficiency
  • Features directional ventilation vanes to create suction, turbulence, and guides cool air through the rotor for improved heat dissipation and increased resistance to cracking

Curved Directional Ventilation Vanes

Features 48 directional ventilation vanes to create suction and turbulence, and guide cool air through the rotor to achieve better heat dissipation and increased resistance to cracking under harsh track conditions. Each rotor is left or right side specific, and the ventilation vanes are optimized to spin in a particular direction to pump the maximum amount of cool air through the rotor. This design allows the rotor to run up to 30% cooler than O.E. rotors and increases cooling efficiency by up to 30% over standard 1-piece units. Brake fade and judder are minimized during extended sessions. This means the brake system can withstand heavier track usage and provide consistent braking performance lap after lap.

Slotted Friction Face

Slotted rotor face pattern improves brake consistency by constantly cleaning the contact surface and dissipate heat generated, and gases released when the pads come into contact with the rotors. Slotted rotors have a superior advantage over blank rotors in wet or raining conditions by preventing water films to form between the brake pad and rotor surface.

Aluminum Hats

  • CNC machined from lightweight 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum
  • Unsprung weight reduction
  • High strength and durability
  • Black/hard anodized to increase resistance to wear and corrosion


Caliper type:

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