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Up to $600 rebate on eligible brake kits through December
Up to $600 rebate on eligible brake kits through December

Alcon Trophy Truck Calipers CAR8949AM20

by Alcon
Original price $7,312.94 - Original price $7,312.94
Original price
$7,312.94 - $7,312.94
Current price $7,312.94
Alcon CAR8949AM20 trophy truck caliper pair.


  • Off-road, Trophy Truck.

Key features and benefits

  • Differential piston diameters that minimise pad taper wear.
  • Stainless steel pistons with wear resistant coating.
  • High temperature seals.
  • 2kg (4.4lbs) anti knock-back springs.
  • Hard stainless steel wear plates.
  • Fully optimised monobloc design for maximum stiffness.
  • Internally drilled for increased protection.


  • Piston diameters - 31.8mm / / 41.3mm
  • Disc diameter range: ø360mm (14.17”) max
  • Disc thickness range: 28mm (1.10”) max.
  • Alcon pad reference: 4489, 25mm thick, 152mm long, 54mm deep, area 156cm2 per caliper.

Our components are built to survive the toughest environments on earth. Designing braking systems for competitive off-roading is one of the most challenging and specialist disciplines in motorsport. Our brakes need to perform in a range of environments and under the kinds of pressure you just don’t see elsewhere. They need to keep on performing in some of the least hospitable places on earth, not just for minutes or hours at a time, but often for days and weeks on end.

So a braking system that is capable of handling the decelerative load required by the vehicle to which they are attached is simply the start. At Alcon, we make sure our braking systems will continue to operate at peak efficiency whatever the weather, temperature and conditions underfoot. Because we know that out there in the desert, snowscapes and other wildernesses, unquestionable reliability isn’t merely desirable, it is critical not just to keep the vehicle moving but its occupants alive.

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