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Up to $600 rebate on brake kits through December
Up to $600 rebate on brake kits through December

Jeep JK/JL Wrangler & Gladiator Currie 60/70 Rear Alcon Brake Pads

by Alcon
SKU: PNS4450X705.4

Original price $395.00 - Original price $395.00
Original price
$395.00 - $395.00
Current price $395.00
Alcons high temperature brake pad set for the For Jeep JK/JL equipped with the Currie 60/70 axles Wrangler and Gladiator Rear Big Brake Kit by Alcon

These pads are the original Alcon pads provided in your Jeep JK and JL Wrangler & Gladiator braking kit.

Alcon has designed a 30% larger pad allowing for less work needed per pad surface area resulting in lower temperatures and more braking torque. This compound reflects the knowledge and experience gained from miliary and VIP protection vehicles over the years. Performance & Durability, often in uncompromising surroundings, are pre-requisites for Armored Vehicle braking solutions.

Other Alcon customers including the UN, have come to expect and rely upon their performance and reliability.Alcon has designed tried and tested packages using its extensive Motorsport and Performance OEM experience to solve the unique demands associated with the higher GVW of armored vehicles.

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RG Racing
Customer review

Fantastic pad and thanks for keeping them available. Rated a 4 only because of the occastional squeek when cold. Call me when you come out with a ceramic or low-dust pad please.

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