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Paragon Track Performance Big Brake Kit (PA015 / PA035 6 piston) - Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W205) / E-Class (W213) Front

by Paragon
SKU PBK.02.093.355.320.TL.01.02.P2.F
Original price $2,650.00 - Original price $3,255.00
Original price
$2,650.00 - $3,255.00
Current price $2,650.00
Rotor Size: with 355x32mm rotor
Caliper Finishing: Mil-Spec Hard Coat Anodizing
Brake Pad Compound: P2 Street

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Paragon Track Performance Big Brake Kit (PA015 / PA035 6 piston) - Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W205) / E-Class (W213) Front

Paragon Track Performance Big Brake Kits offer superior braking performance specifically designed for track day enthusiasts. Come complete with every component required to upgrade your brake system. Developed with performance, quality, and longevity in mind, only the finest materials/components were used to ensure the brake kits to perform and last under both street and track conditions.

  • Features Paragon PA015 / PA035 6 piston calipers *Only difference between the PA015 and PA035 calipers is the maximum rotor size they can accommodate
  • Fully-floating 2-piece rotors, with directional ventilation vanes for optimal cooling performance. Runs up to 30% cooler than O.E. rotors
  • Hard anodized calipers and rotor hats for increased resistance to wear and discoloration under extreme track conditions
  • Piston sizes optimized for each application. Designed to work flawlessly with OEM ABS and brake master cylinder. Compatible with OEM rear brakes
  • Confidence-inspiring heat resistance during extended sessions. Optimum bite, modulation characteristics, thermal stability, and durability
  • Recommended usage: Street / Track
  • Complete pre-assembled axle set


  • One pair of Paragon PA015 / PA035 6 piston calipers
  • One pair of Paragon fully-floating 2-piece rotor assemblies with hard anodized 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum hats, stainless steel bobbins, and anti-rattle clips
  • One set of Paragon P3 “Street/Track” semi-metallic brake pads (manufactured by Winmax Japan, other compounds available at additional cost)
  • One pair of caliper mounting brackets and all necessary hardware
  • One pair of Goodridge DOT approved stainless steel braided brake lines
  • One set of caliper anti rattle clips
  • Detailed installation manual

***Please verify wheel fitment / clearance before ordering. All Paragon big brake kits are custom made/packaged to order, and cannot be returned due to wheel fitment issues.

Wheel Fitment Template Download (PDF): 355x32mm / 378x36mm

> How to use the wheel fitment template (PDF)

**355mm brake kits generally require 18" or larger wheels, while 378mm brake kits generally require 18"/19" or larger wheels. Fitment varies due to different specs / wheel design. Verify fitment with wheel fitment template.


  • 2015-Present Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W205) Front
  • 2017-Present Mercedes-Benz E-Class (W213) Front

Kit Number:

  • PBK.02.093.355.320.TL.01.02.Px.F (355x32mm Rotor)
  • PBK.05.093.378.360.TL.01.02.Px.F (378x36mm Rotor)

PA015 / PA035 6 Piston Calipers

  • CNC machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Outstanding rigidity. Reduces compliance which allow for a consistent pedal feel, and improves responsiveness/modulation characteristics
  • Titanium nitride (TiN) coated pistons. Improve durability and extend service intervals by protecting the sliding surfaces of the pistons. Allow smooth piston travel

  • Stainless steel pistons can act as an effective thermal barrier due to the lower thermal conductivity vs. aluminum pistons, which help prevent brake fluid boiling and brake fade. Extra machining is done to minimize contact with the pads
  • Staggered piston bore sizes for improved brake balance and even pad wear
  • High temperature piston seals and internal dust seals are utilized to withstand the heat generated under harsh track conditions and extend caliper service life. Internal dust seals are able to offer protection against debris/contaminants and will not melt as easily as the external dust boots that are commonly used on OEM calipers

  • Hard anodized finish for improved wear resistance. Unlike painted/powder coated calipers, hard anodized finish will not deteriorate under extreme heat
  • Replaceable stainless steel abutment plates to allow smooth braking action and prevent wear on the caliper body
  • Strong, yet lightweight. Each caliper weighs 6.5 lbs (without pads)
  • Optional anti-knockback springs
  • Stainless steel bleed screws and crossover pipes
  • Each caliper is pressure tested to guarantee proper operation

Floating 2-piece Rotors

  • Floating 2-piece design allows thermal expansion of the rotor while minimizing deformation and ensuring the rotor is self-centered with the pads
  • Superior braking and cooling performance
  • Features 72 directional ventilation vanes to create suction, turbulence, and guides cool air through the rotor for improved heat dissipation and increased resistance to cracking
  • Made of CM-250 special formulated high carbon alloy cast iron. Allows for an optimal bite, thermal characteristics, high-temperature strength, and durability
  • Heat treated to release stress in the rotor to avoid deformation and vibration
  • State-of-the-art CBN surface machining to ensure better break-in with new brake pads
  • Excellent thermal capacity. Allows the rotors to absorb and dissipate heat more efficiently and help reduce chance of brake fade
  • Replacement rotor rings available at competitive price

Curved Directional Ventilation Vanes

Features 72 directional ventilation vanes to create suction and turbulence, and guide cool air through the rotor to achieve better heat dissipation and increased resistance to cracking under harsh track conditions. Each rotor is left or right side specific, and the ventilation vanes are optimized to spin in a particular direction to pump the maximum amount of cool air through the rotor. This design allows the rotor to run up to 30% cooler than O.E. rotors and increases cooling efficiency by up to 30% over standard 1-piece units. Brake fade and judder are minimized during extended sessions. This means the brake system can withstand heavier track usage and provide consistent braking performance lap after lap.

Slotted Friction Face

Slotted rotor face pattern improves brake consistency by constantly cleaning the contact surface and dissipate heat generated, and gases released when the pads come into contact with the rotors. Slotted rotors have a superior advantage over blank rotors in wet or raining conditions by preventing water films to form between the brake pad and rotor surface.

Hard Anodized Aluminum Hats

  • CNC machined from lightweight 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum
  • Unsprung weight reduction
  • High strength and durability
  • Hard anodized to increase resistance to wear, corrosion, and discoloration

Floating Bobbins & Mounting System

Utilizes T-Bobbin rotor to hat mounting system to allow "float" in both radial and axial directions, and minimize brake judder. The high quality stainless steel hardware are corrosion resistant which allows secure mounting, and smooth expansion and contraction throughout heat cycles. Anti wear clips (McLaren spring clips) are utilized to slightly pre-load the rotor assembly and minimize rattling noise.

Caliper Mounting Brackets

CNC machined caliper mounting brackets to ensure superior strength, durability, and secure mounting of calipers to knuckles.

Paragon Brake Pads

  • Manufactured by Winmax Japan
  • Superior stopping power and modulation
  • High fade resistance
  • Consistent performance under high temperature conditions
  • Compounds available for street, street / track, and dedicated track applications
  • PA015 / PA035 caliper uses a common pad shape, with compounds readily available from various manufacturers



Goodridge Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines

  • Superior durability. Abrasion and corrosion resistant
  • Allows more responsive and firmer pedal feel
  • DOT / TÜV certified


Wheel Fitment

Wheel Fitment Template Download (PDF): 355x32mm / 378x36mm

> How to use the wheel fitment template (PDF)

**355mm brake kits generally require 18" or larger wheels, while 378mm brake kits generally require 18"/19" or larger wheels. Fitment varies due to different specs / wheel design. Verify fitment with wheel fitment template.



  • 355mm
  • 378mm

Caliper type:

  • PA015
  • PA035

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