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Alcon GT-R R35 Gen3 Big Brake Superkit

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Alcon total brake upgrade for GT-R R35. RC lightweight and rigid calipers along with massive 412mm (16.0") x 36mm (1.4") front rotors and 380mm (15.0") x 33mm (1.3") rear rotors are suitable for any level of GT-R power upgrade. If you're looking for the BEST GT-R brake system, this is your only choice


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  • 412mm x 36mm front floating discs (16.0" x 1.4")
  • RC6 forged aluminum calipers with staggered pistons for smooth and high strength engagement
  • 380mm x 33mm rear floating discs
  • RC4 forged aluminum rear calipers with compatible design and piston stagger.
  • High strength brackets with no flex under massive loads
  • Pagid RS1-9 brake pads.

LITCHO GTR 59 600x400@2xWith over 550 horsepower, over 3800 lbs curb weight, high center of gravity, and multiple electronic aids like EBD and modern Attessa 4WD system, even the stock GTR demands extreme brakes. However many GTR's feature power and suspension modifications that significantly exceed the OEM brake system design. The Alcon Superkit Street and Race brake upgrades are engineered to be a complete front & rear brake upgrade for the Nissan R35 GT-R for a beginner all the way to the advanced driver regardless of the level of modification the car has seen. Alcon in the UK has done extensive brake dynamometer and on-car testing to ensure the Superkit upgrades are tailored for a street application (low dust, noise, appropriate friction materials) or a race application (race friction, aggressive disc grooving, different caliper finish).

Alcon Components in the UK has the resources, testing capability, motorsport experience (FIA sanctioned Rally, Formula Cars, Open wheel, Super GT, Nismo GT Academy, etc…), and capability to engineer a complete brake package for the Nissan R35 GT-R. The result of all the in house testing and development is the Alcon Superkit brake upgrades for the Nissan R35 GT-R.

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This new Alcon kit features the latest Calipers which are beautifully machined from Forged Alloy and have been optimized for use with the Nissan GT-R, featuring massive industry leading 412mm X 36mm Alcon RC6Alcon front discs and larger 380mm X 33mm rear discs, both with lightweight aluminum bells.


Both front and rear calipers feature staggered pistons in order to ensure even pad wear, the pistons are also made from a proprietary steel, a material known for having exemplary thermal resistance when utilised in braking applications. Other design traits intended to help both calipers weather the extreme temperatures generated by hard braking include unique weatherproof seals, and an internal fluid passage way that negates the need for an external bridging pipe.

As many customer will be looking to use their Nissan GT-Rs on track, the brake kit comes standard with the excellent harder wearing Pagid RS19 pads, and with further pad options available soon. The kit has been enhanced to provide the same performance as the proven Alcon Superkit.

Tested on Nissan GT-R Track Edition, this kit really impressed with not just the increased stopping power but also the pedal feel from the brakes.

SKU: BKF7059ZG06

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Dean Coutts - Fast Stuff
Customer review

Took me 3 weeks to decide on a color. Thanks for being patient. LOVE the blue. These things are HUGE.

Robert J Granberry
Customer review

These are like the hand of god and look much better than the Brembo's. Every

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